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Name *
Phone Number
Phone Number
Art materials used to create the artwork
Size of artwork
Please include information about the subject matter of the piece (what the artwork is) such as if it is a individual or multiple person portrait. Please email quality high-resolution photo(s) of what you would like to be commissioned and have me work from.
Commission Deadline *
Commission Deadline
The date needed for the artwork to be finished and delivered by. Commissioned artwork orders must be made at a minimum of 4 weeks notice before the date needed.
Artwork will be shipped via USPS. You will be emailed a tracking number with the order is shipped.

Note: Pricing will vary on a variety of factors including: the size of the artwork, details and complexity of artwork, art materials used, framing, and the time involved to create the artwork. I will email you a quote on the pricing of the artwork based on the information provided above.