Artist Biography

I am an illustrator, designer, and educator that enjoys using a variety of materials to create strong bodies of work.  My background includes extensive training in traditional artistic processes as well as an in-depth understanding and proficiency of digital applications such as the Adobe Creative Suite.  I use traditional and digital methods to create designs that communicate ideas effectively.

I have graduated in 2016 with my BFA in Illustration and have received my Teaching Certification in Secondary Visual Arts Education (LQ) K-12 from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI.


Artist Statement

The primary focus of my artwork is exploring the human figure through collage and mixed media processes.  I use collage as a vehicle to convey a story about the subject that I am depicting.  The collaging of paper in my artwork symbolically represents the “layers” of people that I depict using mixed media. 

Both the materials and subject matter used to create the image are equally significant and convey the narrative of the person.  For me, collage is a visual combining of materials from many different origins and contexts in order to create something new. 

I am passionate about my work expressing the diversity in the world around us and display this through my art material choices and subject matter.  I use layers of colors and textures to highlight this ideology.