Artist Biography

I am an illustrator, designer, and educator that enjoys using a variety of materials in my artwork.  My background includes training in traditional artistic processes as well as an digital applications such as the Adobe Creative Suite.  I use both traditional and digital methods in order to create designs and images that communicate ideas and color effectively.

I graduated in 2016 with my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration and received my Teaching Certification in Secondary Visual Arts Education from College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI.


Artist Statement

The primary focus of my artwork is exploring the human figure through collage and mixed media processes.  I use collage as a vehicle to convey a story about the subject that I am depicting.  The collaging of paper in my artwork symbolically represents the “layers” of people that I depict using mixed media. 

Both the materials and subject matter used to create the image are equally significant and convey the narrative of the person.  For me, collage is a visual combining of materials from many different origins and contexts in order to create something new. 

I am passionate about my work expressing the diversity in the world around us and display this through my art material choices and subject matter.  I use layers of colors and textures to highlight this ideology.