Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy centers on the belief of creating a positive and supportive learning environment that encourages engaging and interactive learning.  I feel it is extremely important to teach content that is both interesting and educational for students in a hands-on way such as through demonstrations, classroom discussions, and in-class activities. Students who are mentally present and involved in the classroom will form meaningful connections to the information they are learning and will remember what they are learning in their long-term memory.

I believe it is crucial to have an open line of communication with students including sharing personal experiences, knowledge, and information that is relevant and beneficial to their development.  I will share information with my students in order to improve and develop their artistic abilities.  I will strive to share my experiences and knowledge in the arts to create well-rounded students that will be constantly growing and improving in their craft.  Becoming an art educator will allow me to give my students the proper tools to explore and develop their artistic talents.

I believe in tailoring classroom instruction to meet students’ individual needs and to improve their strengths and weaknesses.  All students learn differently and at various levels and it is important to make sure that students can understand the information being presented to them in a way that makes sense to them.  I will have one-on-one discussions with students and assess their strengths and weaknesses and make necessary accommodations in order to fulfill the assignment expectations and goals for the assignment.  All students in my classroom will be able to accomplish the assignment at hand in a way that is educational and beneficial to them.

I believe in having structure and organization in the classroom in order to create a productive and conducive learning environment.  Learning cannot be accomplished without great classroom management skills.  It is important for students to be in a place where they feel comfortable and secure in order to focus on learning and it be a meaningful educational experience.  A classroom that is structured and organized will help students learn in-depth without having extraneous and unnecessary distractions that hinder their own growth and improvement.

I believe in creating student assessments in order to help and benefit students and myself as a teacher. Assessing students before, during, and after their artistic process will develop their craft and improve their skills.  This will benefit me as a teacher in order how to help students in the future, assess what discussions need to be reviewed and addressed in class, and what prior information they already have on the subject.

I believe in the emphasis and importance of a student’s personal work ethic and effort in the classroom.  Knowing that a student is putting forth their best effort and putting in the work for assignments is one of the most important things for me as a teacher.  Students need to be constantly striving for improvement and attempting to reach goals that they set for themselves. It is not enough to do the bare minimum work on an assignment, students will not grow and develop as an artist if they do not try make an effort to push their artistic limits and strive to improve.